Setting Up Google and Google Workspace for Church

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Setting Up Google and Google Workspace for Church

Get the step-by-step instructions for setting up Google and Google Workspace for your church. Learn how to configure the settings and use the tools to maximize your church’s online presence.

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Setting up Google for Your Church Using Google Not For Profit access
Having formal email accounts for your church's workers (for example, can help to streamline email communication. Using your domain name with email addresses helps, your contact information appear far more sophisticated than using a generic address (for example, As a nonprofit organization, your church can sign up for Google Workspace (i.e., Gmail, Google Docs/Sheets/etc.) using your domain name. Following the completion of the procedures below, your workers will have access to Gmail's services with your custom domain name. The best thing is that Google provides this service to NGOs and NFP's for free!

What Does Google Mean for Non-Profit?
Google for Nonprofits is a free initiative in which Google provides premium services at no cost.

Sign up to Google as a Church/Not For Profit
Sign up for a Google for Nonprofits account as a first step. Once authorized, you will be able to use Google Workspace for nonprofit free.

Get Started with Google Workspace
Google Workspace is a great tool to use in a team. Share and use tools and software to help better communication and workflow.

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