Using Slack at Church | A Comprehensive Course

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Using Slack at Church

Slack brings together people, chat, applications and data. From project kickoffs to budget discussions, and everything in-between — Slack has you covered.

Take your church communication to the next level with this comprehensive course on using Slack for church activities. Learn how to set up channels, share files, and more to increase efficiency and collaboration at your church organization.

  • Sharing Church information and events
  • Individual, team, and all staff group chats
  • Discussions focused on specific topics
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What is Slack?
Slack is a single workplace communication tool for all files, tools and most significantly, messaging. The software is an instant and ultimate messaging system that can be used in any business, field or industry. Slack is an obvious choice to gather participants and enable them to collaborate and work effectively. The major and core functionality of slack is all about enabling people to communicate with each other through a single effective platform without any disruption. There are two major methods that you can use as per your convenience and requirement including: 1. Direct messages or DM (Person to person chat) 2. Channels (Group Chat)

  • How to use Slack
  • Using Slack in Church Teams

Get started with creating a Team for your Church Staff/groups
With Zoom, you can create as many teams as you would like.  You can have a Church Leadership team, Worship team, Admin team etc.

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