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Kids Ministry Online

Helping parents find resources or providing resources from your own Church, is a blessing. Parents often don’t know what resources are out there or don’t have time to find the resources. When it comes to Sunday’s and there is no Church to attend, then you will need some resources to help spiritually feed those kids.

Here is a list we have compiled together to help with running a kid’s program online.


A complete online program for running online kids programs is available from Life.Church. Sign up for free and download each week for your kids. Follow this link here.

Roots on the Web

Lessons for kids, with downloadable sheets, can be found here from Roots on the Web.

Bible App

The Bible app For Kids is fantastic. It’s a great tool for parents to have on their mobile phones that will implant seeds into their children’s lives. Find out more here.


Quizworx have resources available and are approved for use at Home/Church. For resources that are approved for use in schools (including in SRE/RI), visit our School Delivery page. Find out more here.

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