21st Century Prophet – Second Edition by Sheena Ryan



21st Century Prophet – Second Edition by Sheena Ryan
The Definitive Guide to Operating the Prophetic Gifting

Uncover the Keys to Successfully Navigating Your Destiny Journey

Learn the essential keys to operating the prophetic gifting and uncover the wisdom and insights to successfully navigating your destiny journey with the 21st century Prophet. This book provides a comprehensive guidebook to the fivefold prophet, packed with insight into spiritual warfare, assessing current positions in destiny journey and more. Plus, through worksheets and small excerpts from the authors life experiences, readers will find great encouragement and comfort in the pages of this book.


• Comprehensive guidebook to navigating the prophetic gifting

• Insight into spiritual warfare and assessing current positions in the destiny journey

• Worksheets and small excerpts of the author’s life experiences for added encouragement and comfort

• Enriched content from original edition for a broader application

• Discover keys to successfully navigating your destiny journey


This book was originally written for those who are called to walk as a fivefold Prophet, and those who know or minister with a fivefold Prophet. I found that so many people of various ages and callings were blessed by it, that I have now enlarged the content and would like to say that its application is far more widespread than I could have imagined. People from many walks of life and all ages have told me that is has greatly encouraged them, shedding light upon the experiences which they had not understood. It is a guidebook leading you towards maturity and balance in the operation of the prophetic gifting at all levels, and also a workbook to enable you to assess your understanding of your current position in your destiny journey. It also contains valuable information about spiritual warfare within churches and in the individual lives of those who pursue the high calling of God. For all those who seek to know more of God’s ways and to grow in them, be blessed as you read this.

This book contains small excerpts from my life and experience as I am often asked how God brought me to the place I am in today. May they encourage you that truly God can and will use anyone who dedicates themselves to His purposes.

Worksheets provide an opportunity to use this books for small group development or for the growth of the reader.

Your walk will be individual, but I hope and pray that you will find encouragement, comfort, understanding and the courage to continue from this book.

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