Church Employee Handbook


Church Employee Handbook

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Church Employee Handbook for your next employee!

A Church employee handbook
is a valuable tool
for both the Church and the employee.



DOCUMENT:- Church Employee Handbook

FILE FORMAT:- doc file

SIZE:- 26-page template

Why have a Church Employee Handbook?

The employee handbook provides guidance and information related to the Church’s mission, values, policies, procedures, and guidelines in a written format. The usual practice is to present the handbook during the new employee’s orientation session.  Important information is highlighted during this session to the employee, but it is also a priority to stress that the employee reads the handbook and refers to it constantly. The Church Employee Handbook helps all employees be on the same page and on the same team.

It’s in the best interest that Church Employers require every employee to sign an acceptance form, to provide proof of having received the handbook which you adjust to cover the procedures, policies etc of your Church, to cover the Church if an incident arises in the future. The acknowledgment should be saved in an employee’s personnel file as a way for the organization to establish that the employee was made aware of the policies.

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Template Terms of Use

  • The templates are intended for your own Church use only.
  • Documents are in editable format.
  • Documents can be converted to electronic form format.
  • They are not the official document for your Church.  As these are TEMPLATES ONLY, they need to be edited by an appropriate official within your organisation, to fit your Church.
  • These templates are not for resale.



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