Hear What the Spirit says to the Churches by Ps Sheena Ryan



Hear what the Spirit says to the churches -An overview of the body of Christ worldwide


This book is birthed from the Spirit of God,to reveal the current position and purpose of Christian believers and churches.The corporate body of Christ is currently being positioned for the last battle before the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The recent great shaking has been causing the body of Christ to be shifted and changed like never before. This is not random however, but orchestrated by God .and as we see the rising of the beast/s as spoken of in Revelation, we also see the militant army of believers, spoken of in Ezekiel, Joel, Revelation, and other scripture, stirring and rising, and seeking for their new position in the battle. The Bride has battle boots under her dress, and spiritual weapons in her hands.

This book will help you to put current world events in context, and arise to your current positioning and mantle, to take your place in Gods’ army for the end-time battle.

From the early churches in Acts, to the current churches, the Spirit of God has been working and revealing HIs plan for the culmination of this age.
We are in the final stages of both church and world history, and this book will help the reader to understand just what God’s
blueprint is.

While there is much yet to be revealed, about the end times, this will bring fresh revelation to the Christian reader.
It seeks to answer some of the questions about how to position yourself, in a way that will cause you to walk into your current ministry role.

It includes a comparison between the churches in the book of Acts when they were founded, the affirmations and rebukes that God delivered to them through John the Apostle, and the current churches in general. It created a means of examining the current state of your heart and church, through the commentary on the book of Revelation which is included.

It is not written in judgement but through the burden God put upon me to write it so that the Bride, may indeed make herself ready.


Review from one reader  “It’s great so far. Highlight pen all over it!”