Spiritual Keys to Soul Restoration by Sheena Ryan



Spiritual Keys to Soul Restoration by Sheena Ryan *PDF File*

Discover powerful prayers to break generational and personal bondages with this Soul Restoration Workbook from Sheena. Learn to identify symptoms of spiritual bondage and find healing and protection under the blood of Jesus. Recommended for use with an experienced counsellor or pastor.

This is a workbook originally written for use with and during Sheenas’ workshop on this subject.

It is able also to be used as a study guide when listen to the mp3 recording, or during study as an individual or a group. This recording can be purchased by contacting Sheena through the details listed. This covers all of the topics listed in this index and provides prayers that are to be used as the Holy Spirit reveals personal sins, hereditary iniquities or curses. Symptoms of such bondages are listed which shed light upon the root causes of symptoms and can be broken using the prayers at the end of each chapter.

Commit yourself and your family to protection under the blood of Jesus and ask him to lead you when using it. It may be necessary to ask for the help of a counsellor or pastor who has knowledge and experience in these areas, and it is recommended that you consult with your pastor and or counsellor before using this workbook.


The Foundations of Restoration
Ministry 5
Generational Sin 15
Identifying Curses 19
The Causes of Emotional Wounding 25
Rejection and Soul Ties 29
Dysfunctional Families 34
Inner Vows and Judgements 38
Anger, Depression, Fear and Anxiety 43
The Pathway to Recovery 51
Forgiveness 53
Introduction to Prayer Ministry 60
Communication Skills 80
Personality Assessment 81
The Johari Window 87
Practical Guidelines 89


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