The Perfect Annual General Meeting Bundle for Churches



The Perfect Annual General Meeting Bundle for Churches

Organize Your Church’s AGM with Ease

Don’t let the stress of organizing church’s annual general meetings (AGMs) get you down! Our AGM Bundle for Churches makes the process a breeze. You’ll get everything you need, from a CSA AGM Report Template to an AGM Agenda Template, all in an easy-to-use Word format. Organize your AGM quickly and easily, so you can focus on doing what you do best.


• 22-page CSA AGM Report Template
• Notice of AGM letter or email template
• Annual General Meeting Agenda Template
• Everything created in Word for easy use
• Comprehensive resource with everything you need to start planning the AGM

Annual General meetings need to be held within a certain time of when your Church Financial year begins.  The time frame differs from state to state. The AGM gives members information on the activities and finances from the previous year.  It also allows them to ask questions and make decisions eg change of legal name, change of board members and board members holding a position, constitution changes, rules etc.  (NOTE:- These changes must be made with the ACNC no later than 28 days after the announcement of change.) Prior to entering the meeting you may want to browse through the AGM post.

Sometimes organising an AGM can be a big thing.  Don’t worry.  My templates below make it super easy for you and your team to organise the next AGM.

All created in Word, done for you templates.

CSA AGM Report Template
(22 pages)

Church Resources

CSA Notice of AGM letter or email to Members templateChurch Resources

CSA Annual General Meeting Agenda

Church Resources

What to include in the AGM Report?
CEO/Senior Pastor, Secretary, Treasurers Report
Photos (if including these)
Annual Financial Report.
Reports from people and/or Different Departments
(Each Church is different and some Churches take advantage of adding reports from each department, so the whole body can know what is happening in their Church family. The department reports can be edited or left out, but all else is advised to keep in the AGM.)

Church Resources


Template Terms of Use

  • The templates are intended for your own Church use only.
  • Documents are in editable format.
  • Documents can be converted to electronic form format.
  • They are not the official document for your Church.  As these are TEMPLATES ONLY, they need to be edited by an appropriate official within your organisation, to fit your Church.
  • These templates are not for resale.