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Worship Videos for Church Online

Worship is an important part of our Christian life and that is why we put together this list of Worship Videos for Church Online.

On most occasions, worship is what we open our services with. When your team needs a rest or you don’t have the volunteers available, these amazing videos below have been made available to help you get your service to your online community.


Hillsong Acoustic Worship Videos – Hillsong has given churches permission to use this footage as part of their church’s live stream broadcast, but these songs may not be posted on personal social media accounts or digital platforms. Access them here.
Read the small print here.

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes have put together some worship sets for Churches to use. Download them from here.

Brooke Nicholls

Brooke Nicholls provides over 30 worship sets, including Christmas songs, and they are all available for free from

Graham Kendrick

Graham Kendrick has songs available to use during lockdown, that are available from his website

Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music has music available to help during these hard times. Download their music from;-

Worship Lyric Videos

Finally, you can find some free worship lyric videos on the Worship Lyric Videos website here.

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